AGREEMENT: This agreement legally binds (“Customer”) and JUNK PROS LLC to the conditions listed below and in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington in effect at the time of ordering dumpster. JUNK PROS LLC to provide “Customer” with non-hazardous solid waste collection, transportation, disposal and recycling services.

SAFETY NOTICE: Our goal at Junk Pros LLC is to inform and educate, so that additional fees are not applied, and that our drivers, our customers and the general public is kept safe while keeping our equipment functioning safely.

OVERWEIGHT DUMPSTERS: JUNK PROS LLC. reserves the right to refuse to pick up a dumpster with an estimated weight over the capacity of the dumpster rented. If overweight, the “Customer” may be responsible for removing debris, and will be charged an additional $100 per ton fee for any weight above the specified limit for that specific dumpster.

INABILITY TO DELIVERY OR PICK UP DUMPSTER: If JUNK PROS LLC attempts to deliver, exchange, or pick up a dumpster and the dumpster is locked or we are prevented in any way from delivering, picking up, or exchanging a dumpster (including being turned away) the “customer” will be charged a $300 no service fee.

PROHIBITED WASTE: “Customer” agrees not to place and hazardous or toxic waste in The dumpster as it is against the law. All hazardous or toxic waste found in the dumpster will become the responsibility of the “Customer”. At JUNK PROS LLC’s discretion, JUNK PROS LLC may return hazardous or toxic waste found in the dumpster and charge the “Customer” a $150 Return Charge. At JUNK PROS LLC’s discretion, JUNK PROS LLC may charge “Customer” a disposal fee for hazardous or toxic waste found in dumpster. Hazardous or toxic waste includes industrial waste, tires, waste containing concrete, asbestos, septic tanks & waste, paint, cleaning solutions, biochemical waste, pesticides, solvents, oil, oil filters, oil containers, gasoline, gas cans, propane tanks, batteries of any kind, freon aerosol cans, foam aerosol cans, hazardous waste (ballasts with PCB’s, devices containing mercury, fluorescent bulbs, etc.). Hazardous Waste is subject to $500 Environmental Fee.

*Due to Washington State’s increased environmental standards, bagged debris is subject to additional fee*

OVERFILLED DUMPSTERS: “Customer” agrees not to fill the dumpster above the top rail of the dumpster. An overfilled dumpster may allow debris to fall out and damage other cars and trucks and it is against the law to transport an overfilled dumpster. JUNK PROS LLC reserves the right to refuse to pick-up an overfilled dumpster. If overfilled the “Customer” will be responsible for removing overfilled debris down to the top rail of the dumpster. And an additional $75 “Overfill” charge will be charged to the to the “Customer”

REPOSITIONING: If customer requires container to be moved within the same job site there will be a $150 repositioning fee assessed per trip.

Daily Rental: Each dumpster rental includes a number of days. An additional $20 per day daily rental fee will apply after the specified number of days if the dumpster is not ready to be removed.

PLACEMENT: It is the “customers” responsibility to place protection on the driveway if needed. JUNK PROS LLC does not provide any protection to the driveway or the area where the dumpster is rolled off, nor is JUNK PROS LLC responsible for any damages.

EQUIPMENT: All equipment furnished by JUNK PROS LLC shall remain the property of the company, however “Customer” shall have care, custody, and control of the equipment and shall bear responsibility and liability for all loss of damage to the equipment and for it’s contents while at “Customer’s” location. Subject to fees of up to $5000 replacement value. “Customer” shall provide unobstructed access to the equipment on the schedule pick-up day. JUNK PROS LLC is NOT responsible for any damage to “Customer’s” property, including walkways, curbing, pavement, driveways, pavers, irrigation, wells, septic or underground utilities resulting from the company’s provision of services. “Customer” warrants the right of way is sufficient to bear the weight and physical dimensions of the JUNK PROS LLC equipment and vehicles. “Customer” understands that lawn damage may occur during a construction/clean-up project. No repair is offered or provided


I authorize Junk Pros LLC to charge current and any future invoices using the card.

I understand this is a secure form and my card will be charged at the time of rental

I understand all credit cards are subject to a 3% processing fee